Element Fine Furniture - Our Story

At Element, we believe in natural beauty. We also believe that what goes into the making of an item - any item - becomes a part of its energy that is carried with it.
This energy then becomes a part of the environment in which it lives. It will add to the energy of that space, and influence it in a noticeable manner.
We offer 100% natural materials - high quality woods - that are made by human hands, with care and attention. All of this energy, or input, is reflected in the final product.
Not only are we offering 100% unique, high quality, full of personality products, but we believe we are bringing a very positive and life infused energy with each product. For those that want their living spaces to reflect peace, tranquility and nature - it is critical that the items in their space bring that with them. And ours do.

Each piece we are offering starts with either plantation grown, or naturally felled (be it by monsoons, or orchards removing trees no longer producing) trees, which are then acquired for our exact purposes.
There is a small village of master craftsmen --in an artisan protected district in Java, Indonesia -- where our production takes place. 80% of the village is employed in the furniture trade - it is their art, their purpose. Historically, it was a village that made wooden boats, but with the advent of fiberglass, factories and mass production - that trade could no longer support them. Luckily for us, they turned to fine furniture.
It is an American owned facility, in partnership with the local Indonesians, giving us the best of both countries, and unmatched product and quality control.
It is because of this unique setup, that we can offer the pieces we do at reasonable price points, can offer one-off or contain loads of custom designed pieces, and hard-carve any detail onto any piece. It is like you have a whole village of master carpenters ready to build your dream furniture designs - or fall in love with ones already made and ready for you ! Bring home the beauty and natural spirit and personality of our unique furniture lines - you deserve it!